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The Kismet co-working space in Chestnut Hill was amazing. I loved that there were different environments you could choose to work in. Cozier spots with dim lighting, the super bright kitchen area, to couch seating. Kismet truly has it all. Not to mention outlets GALORE! I love all the free snacks and the delicious coffee from High Point. One thing that sets Kismet apart from other co-working spaces in the attention to architecture and design.

Sarah Skobeloff

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Kismet is a beautiful environment to spend your work day. Lots of natural light, aesthetically-pleasing workspaces, and snacks!! Perfect for day-to-day work, meetings, even as an event venue. Can't say enough good things about Kismet.

Heather Wilsmer

Always love coming to work at Kismet in Spring Arts! Plenty of lovely natural light, gorgeous views of Center City, The Viaduct and the surrounding murals help to inspire all of the happy people within. Spacious meeting areas, comfortable open desks and private offices give you whatever you're looking for. Free coffee, beer and ice cream don't hurt either!

Danni Sinisi

I needed an office space for a day while traveling to Philadelphia, and I was very pleased with Kismet. Maria was extremely friendly and accommodating, and everybody there was great. The space itself is really cool, and the WiFi was fast. Also, booking a single day here was a breeze - a quick phone call - and the price for the day pass was much better than competitors I spoke with. I'd certainly come back.

Drew H.

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Jason Morgan

Our company used Kismet Cowork Space for our first team meeting. It was truly a great experience. The space is amazing and Josh was a friendly first face we met. He gave us a tour of the area and really made us feel "at home"! The space has many functions and would be a perfect spot to share with clients. We recommend you check out Kismet for any corporate meeting or team get together. We will definitely use the space in the future. Thank you Kismet!

Michelle Smiley

This is a relaxed and professional space to work! As an independent contractor working virtually, this space has returned the joy to my work day.

Amy I.

Wonderful place filled with wonderful people! The aesthetic makes for a unique yet enjoyable co-working space. Kismet fosters a receptive environment perfect for testing out or creating new ideas. Nanci worked very well with my team to schedule a sampling for my company, Topos Teas, so that we could collect some great product feedback. We love working with generous people like the ones here!

Mike Lombardo

Kismet is beautiful and easily one of my favorite spots to work out of. The people are amazing and everything is set up perfectly to make even the most arduous task on my to do list a pleasant experience.

T.R. Dougherty

A beautiful space that has a great vibe to work in. I love all of the natural light and elements. The conference rooms were great and the layout is smartly done to accommodate both work and events. The staff is really friendly as well!

Cris Landa

This is an absolutely awesome shared working space! It's brand new, and inspiringly beautiful! The design, from function to esthetic, is perfect! It's well organized, quiet, comfortable, and it is a very friendly environment. It's also affordable! They've got all sorts of different packages and deals, enabling me to customize my usage, which is exactly what I need! Best of all, it's right down the hill from me, so I can easily walk there! It's local, and it's owned and run by locals. It's a cosy, chic, professional environment, without that cold, corporate feeling. It's so nice that it feels so much like a professional Home, rather than a temporary rented space! It makes everything I do there go so much smoother!

Lara S.

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Steph Rowley

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