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  • Check One: A Night of Multi-Racial Magic

    Check One: A Night of Multi-Racial Magic

    June 12, 1967: the Loving vs. Virginia Supreme Court case overruled the ban on interracial marriage in the United States. A significant day in our country’s history, but especially for those of us who gathered at the Check One Symposium here at Kismet Chestnut Hill. The idea came from a high school club for mixed-race kids — a reclamation of the idea that we are asked to check just one box to define our ethnic/racial identity on any formal survey or document. The Check One Symposium was a celebration, a way to honor and highlight the multi-faceted experiences of those of us that grew up (and are still growing up) in multi-racial households. We listened as people shared ....

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  • Cryptocurrency, Meet Coworking

    Cryptocurrency, Meet Coworking

    What do cryptocurrency and coworking have to do with each other? In the past, probably not much. But coworking spaces are beginning to test out the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency from members — and some are integrating it into their business model. Professionals are exploring new ways to work and new ways to exchange money — So it’s no surprise that innovative companies are finding ways to fuse these two concepts together to create more wealth and creative ­­opportunity. Primalbase is leading the movement, offering shared workspace around the world in exchange for Ether. Using a platform called Waves (where users can store, trade, manage, and issue ....

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  • Create Something New

    As a culture, we’re tiptoeing away from mundane 9–5 cubicle slogs and toward something new. We’re realizing the importance of innovation, freedom, and forging meaningful connections in the workplace. But for this new work culture to exist, and for it to work practically, our environment must support it. If there is no community to engage, consume, and co-create, there is no creative career for the individual. Successful careers require meaningful networks — groups of professionals with loosely related goals. Not only does coworking support these essential connections, but it facilitates them. Kismet isn’t the only workspace aimed at building a new work ....

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  • What Kismet Is (and Isn’t)

    What Kismet Is (and Isn’t)

    Chance, serendipity, synchronicity, destiny, fate — Whether you believe in luck, god, or anything in between, most cultures have a word or a concept for Kismet. Search around the internet and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any concrete information about “kismet,” an Arabic/Turkish word dating back to the early 19th century. The term grew in usage until 1919, when it peaked and then declined dramatically, beginning its resurgence around 1994. Today, the word Kismet is used more than ever before — at least according to Google Ngram Viewer. As with any vague and mysterious concept, it’s often easier to grasp what it is not before tackling what it is. ....

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  • Beyond the Aesthetic: Plants in the Workplace

    Beyond the Aesthetic: Plants in the Workplace

    We know that certain plants do a good job of cleaning the air, but research is now showing mental and physical health benefits for people who work among plants. From the tiny air plant on your desk to the towering fern in the corner of an office, plants add more to a space than just an aesthetically pleasing view. Reduced Stress While it may seem far-fetched or at least difficult to prove, a Washington State University study showed compelling evidence of employees in plant-filled environments having lower stress levels. “Participants working in an environment with plants present were 12 percent more productive and less stressed than their non-plant counterparts.” Another ....

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