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Ice Cream Social Media Discussion, Guest: Wesley Kays-Henry

Ice Cream Social Media Discussion, Guest: Wesley Kays-Henry

On Wednesday July 25th, Kismet Spring Arts hosted an event that brought a host of creative professionals and social media savvy business owners together over coffee and ice cream. The discussion was designed to help small businesses and personal brands navigate social media, and how to best use it to their advantage. The event was co-hosted by Danni Sinisi of Lil Mario’s Ice Cream (our ice cream provider), and featured realtor Wesley Kays-Henry. Wesley is familiar with social media himself, as he runs the instagram @Philly_homes, and is using it to promote his brand through photography. Kismet member Jason Morgan, from Hyper Martial Arts, handled the introductions.

Wesley began the discussion by admitting how hard it is to find a unique voice on Instagram among a slew of realtors with accounts trying to do exactly the same thing. To him it is not the planned promotional Instagram posts that get the most attention from potential buyers, it’s the posts that show his personality, his authentic voice. It’s Wesley’s background in photography and love of history that has set him apart from his competitors. His Instagram shows this, as it focuses not just on the homes, but on the details; there are beautiful door knobs, stairwells, sun-lit rooms, and gardens pictured. He also posts the occasional fun historical facts about a Philadelphia house, paired with a photo.

Another part of his social media appeal is how far from contrived it is; his posts are spontaneous, and he admits sometimes he even forgets to post. But this only appeals to audiences more, as there are a number of buyers who have found him through his social media, and who he believes had already begun to trust him and understand his priorities through his instagram.

Near the end of the talk, Wesley was asked to share a social media account that he finds intriguing. He talked about @stoop_phenomena_ which highlights stoops, steps, and building fronts throughout Philadelphia.

When asked whether he has a website, Wesley admitted that Instagram is where he’s putting his efforts, instead of a website. Wesley and the social media discussion would suggest that as much as much as the future of work is coworking, successfully navigating social media as brand promotion is just as important for businesses.

Once again, check out Wesley Kays-Henry @Philly_homes, Danni Sinisi @lil_marios, and Kismet Cowork on Instagram @kismetcowork

By Zoe Gold



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