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We're Helping You Feel Right At Home With A Full Suite Of Office Amenities

What if work didn't feel like work? At Kismet Cowork, that's the goal. 

We're providing you with every resource you need to feel comfortable and motivated to be at your very best. Each of our Kismet locations is packed full with top-of-the-line amenities that will change the way you think about the office environment. 

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Situated in beautiful Chestnut Hill, our workspace offers easy access to local cafes, shops, and restaurants. With nearby bus and train stations, enjoy a seamless blend of work and the vibrant surroundings.Experience an inspiring workplace at Kismet, where design meets productivity, offering the perfect balance between privacy and a traditional office setting without the burden of long leases.Coworking at Kismet isn't just about shared space; it's a dynamic community where ideas, knowledge, and experiences converge, expanding your business opportunities and collaboration potential.Enjoy a seamless workday at Kismet, where our dedicated staff ensures every detail is covered, from cleanliness and comfort to incredible coffee and support with any physical or membership needs.
Events & Programming:
Technology & Office Supplies:
Recreational Spaces:
Kismet is more than a workspace; it's a hub for collaborative events, from technology discussions to board meetings, providing a versatile venue for your group gatherings and initiatives.Enjoy access to high-speed Wi-Fi, office Ethernet hookups for large file transfers, and complimentary use of our colored printer/scanner and office supplies.Benefit from our state-of-the-art surveillance system and secure access through a KeyFob door system.Access common areas for relaxation, networking, in-person meetings, or even take advantage of the space for stretching and decompression.



Food & Beverage:
Cleaning Services:
Meeting Rooms:
Explore our fully stocked kitchen, equipped with a microwave, toaster oven, an array of snacks and teas, and freshly brewed local coffee throughout the day.Experience regular cleaning and maintenance of shared spaces, with the option to request additional office cleanings.Access two beautiful conference rooms or meeting spaces for collaborative work that are bookable with or without a membership. Floating desk, designated desk & private office memberships include a specific amount hourly credits for conference room use.



Local Partnerships:
Enjoy partnerships with local fitness centers and cafes to support the well-being of our members.Utilize Kismet for your business address and have mail and packages securely sent to our location.



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